Free as a bird!

So you know I love reading, right?

So it sounds awful for me to say, Thank goodness all that dratted reading’s done.

But because I love reading, I love the freedom to read freely.

And, boys… it’s back!

I wrapped up my last assigned reading book (for now) a few days ago, and I’m feeling ridiculously happy about it.

 So what happens next is:

– all of my suspended holds at the library are slated to un-suspend themselves, and I’ll be flooded with books

– I’ll read some random thing just because I want to — and it won’t even count for Book Bingo! (the level of defiance in this post is really rather shocking)

So yeah, there’re celebrations happening here. They’re quiet and bookish, and they’re my kind of party. 

2 thoughts on “Free as a bird!

  1. Congratulations!! I love not having to read to a prescribed course. I'm glad you survived your class and can now let loose on any book you choose. Happy Reading!

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