Forever a Beginner

The Knitting Experience, Book 1: The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville

I was so nervous about learning to purl, I nearly stuck with the knit stitch forever. And looking at all the good stuff in this book, I thought that might just be OK. Sally Melville is a teacher, coach, cheerleader, and philosopher. And she designs stuff I like.

The book is a great resource for this perpetually-novice knitter: I keep bookmarks in some essential places I return to frequently. It’s also helpful that she shows techniques from both the right- and left-hand carry perspective. (I’m one of those freaky right-handed left-carry knitters, which I swear I inherited from my Swedish ancestral people.)
My favorite project here is the “Shape It! Scarf,” which I’ve made at least three times now (with #4 in progress). Here is one of them:

From this book, I’ve also made the poncho, the “Have Fun! Scarf,” the maximum scarf, and the minimum scarf. (I’ve sworn never to make any other knit object involving sleeves, which is why my project list is so scarf-y.)