First quarter report

I like the idea of quarterly reports. It appeals to something corporate in me.Actually, prob’ly I just like lists, and this is one.
Reading Madly—Finished reading 4/7 books. I’m loving this challenge. (Yes, it’s my own, but still I’m wildly fond of it.)
U.S. Presidents Reading Project (lifelong challenge)—Still at 22/44, which turns out to be 0/22 this year of the remaining presidents. Yes, that’s right. This year I have not read a single thing about a president about whom I’ve not read before. Instead, am on a complete LBJ kick and may not read about any other presidential types all year long. (Yes, I said that just so it won’t be true.)
100+ Reading Challenge—Finished reading 29/100
eBook Challenge—Finished reading 4/12 eBooks. Right on track. (Also: sufficiently Type A to be worried that I’m not ahead of the game)
I Want More Challenge—Haven’t read a ding-dang thing yet. 0/2. I have a plot to pick something up during the Read-a-Thon, though.
Whisper Stories in My Ear Challenge—Finished reading (listening to) 6/12.
Nonfiction Challenge—Finished reading 2/7. I read lots of the same types of nonfiction (hello, history and biography!) and that’s stifling my progress on this challenge, which rewards readers of different types of nonfiction. Challenge, indeed. Probably should read a blah-blah food or travel book.
Pub Challenge—Finished reading 2/11. It’s early days, though, peeps. I’ve had only 3 months’ worth of 2011 publications to choose from.
The 3Rs Challenge—We’re 1/1-6 here. Not horrid.
Library Challenge—Finished reading 24/100. Guys! I’m behind! (See what reading those free eBook ARCs will do to a person’s statistics?! The peril of eBooks — don’t underestimate it!)
Historical Fiction Challenge—Finished reading 4/10. Amazing, considering my sour attitude toward this genre. (Is it a genre? Discuss!)
Feeling OK. Not really feeling too much like Wonderwoman or anything, though. But I’ll take it.