First book — done!

Am completely, utterly in love with When You Reach Me. Will write more about it later, but right now I just feel like singing. (Pause, in gratitude that you are not within earshot.)

Just popped over to see what Raych has been up to, and she’s just finished the same book I did. Great minds, and all that…

Bybee is reading Lawrence. I am put to shame.

Next up: FDR’s Funeral Train: A Betrayed Widow, a Soviet Spy, and a Presidency in the Balance by Robert Klara.

We’ll see now if I’m actually in the mood for it…

Stats thus far:

Books read: 1
Hours read: 2
Pages read: 197

Where I’ve read: kitchen; living room sofa

What I’ve consumed: oatmeal with walnuts and raisins; 2 cups of coffee

What else I’ve done: checked out some book blogs, facebook; soon will update Shelfari, Good Reads, and my reading challenge pages

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