Feeling good!

Hooray! Finished book #3 by 10 p.m., as I’d hoped.

I read This Is Just Exactly Like You by Drew Perry, and I liked it. Dysfunction just oozing all over the place.

And it took some serious turns in the last 75 pages, which kept me turning the pages.

Just noticed that Tim O’Brien (he of the fantabulous In the Lake of the Woods) gave this book a glowing blurb. (I was just thinking: Wouldn’t it be killer if there were an index of author blurbs? So I could say, “Give me all the books Tim O’Brien has blurbed,” and then I’d read for 17 days straight.)

So, what’s next? I am going to start A Time to Remember by Stanley Shapiro. My back-up book is The Last Illusion by Rhys Bowen.

Stats thus far:

Books read: 3 (finally!)
Hours read: 10.5
Pages read: 719

And nothing else changed since the last update. Have been camped out in the comfy, ugly recliner, guzzling water.

Onward —

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