Favorite Tote Bags

Anyone have a book bag hoarding problem?   [raises hand]

I get happy — and I mean seriously happy — whenever I get to carry books in a tote. For a quick fix of pure joy, there are truly very few ways to top it. 

Here are some of my most joy-inducing tote bags…

Thea tote

This bag is my newest and a favorite, because:

  • Swedish ribbon
  • Wool
  • That eye-popping happy red!
  • Large enough to hold several books OR my laptop and a couple of books
  • From one of the cutest shops I’ve ever visited — I wanted to buy about 20 things there

Source: The Big Lake, Grand Marais, MN 

She blinded me with library science tote

This one cracks me up every time I carry it. What I like about it:

  • I think it’s hilarious
  • Librarian pride, baby!
  • Lightweight and packable

Source: forgotten (but there’s a similar bag on Etsy)

Powell's Books tote

The Dear Man’s sister brought me back this bag, and an adorable set of book store postcards, after a visit to Portland. What I like about this one:

  • So bookish!
  • Sturdy — it’s made of heavyweight denim
  • Happy — that yellow umbrella!

Source: Powell’s Books, courtesy of the Dear Man’s sister

My best friend tote

The Dear Man’s aunt gave me this book, which has become my book-toting workhouse over the past few years. What I love about it:

    • Large capacity, due to the bottom gusset — you can really pack the books in this tote
    • The quotes… oh my goodness, the quotes:
      • My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read. –Abraham Lincoln
      • When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes. –Erasmus




Source: unknown; gift from the Dear Man’s aunt

Monogrammed bookshelf tote

My mom had this bag monogrammed for me, and every time I use it — or even see it — I’m filled with love for her. This thing’s a tangible reminder of all she gave me and how she loved me just as I am. Beyond those obvious reasons, I also adore these things about this tote:

  • So bookish!
  • Bottom gusset greatly expands its capacity to haul lots of books
  • Handles are long enough that I can carry it on my shoulder comfortably 

Source: unknown; gift from my mom

Anyone else here a book bag lover and hoarder? (I know you’re out there…)

Also… how do you define perfection in a tote?

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