Favorite stuff on the Interwebs

You know when you find something online that you just keep thinking about?

Here’s what’s captivated my mind lately…

Home Library / Library Home

(photo credit: Joel Abroad, via Flickr)

Oh my goodness. We live in our dream house, but this one’s right there in contention for the title. It’s a former Carnegie library, and my heart nearly exploded at the sight of it.

“This $2.95M Home Used to Be a Library and, Wow, I’ve Never Wanted Anything More”

The Library 100

When I saw that OCLC published a list of the 100 most widely-owned novels in libraries…


“The Library 100”


And then they expanded the list to 500!

Full disclosure: I’ve read only 7 of the top 10. And then it gets worse: out of all 100 novels, I’ve only read 38.

(If only I got extra credit for reading Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, The Red Badge of Courage, The Great Gatsby, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and To Kill a Mockingbird more than once!)

Grand Canyon Typewriter

Even if you’re not a complete fanatic about typewriters, there’s plenty to love about this story.

A park ranger set up a typewriter at a Grand Canyon overlook and invited hikers to type a note.

“You’re Just My Type: Hikers Compose Love Notes to the Grand Canyon”

Writing Tips from a Pro

Every time I see “5 Writing Tips:” followed by the name of an author, every single time I click. Publishers Weekly, y’all know my soft spot.

Two recent standouts:

5 Writing Tips: Mark Bowden

5 Writing Tips: Barbara Kingsolver

What have you found online that’s knocked your socks off?

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  1. I swooned HARD over that library-turned-home as well! Unfortunately, my husband said no to getting like twenty seven more jobs and moving, but a girl can dream, right?

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