Favorite bookish shirts

If you’re a book geek, sometimes you just feel the need to represent. Often.

So over the years, I’ve built a closet of bookish clothes.

Today we’re throwing open the closet doors…

First, we have the I’m a serious reader t-shirt…

Overreaders Anonymous shirt…because overreading happens here.

Source: Amazon

Next up… the librarian shirts.

We’ve got the due date stamp shirt…

Source: Out of Print

And the librarian t-shirt…

Source: Amazon

Then we have the shirts about specific books…

First: Nancy Drew!

Source: Out of Print; this shirt is no longer available, but they offer another Nancy Drew shirt  

And my Hamilton t-shirt…

Source: Amazon

Finally, we have the Unruly Reader logo tee!

Source: Amazon

So, my fellow bookworms… What bookish clothes do you have in your closet?

3 thoughts on “Favorite bookish shirts

  1. I love this! I have a similar post planned, thanks to my own collection of bookish clothing. (When I’ll get around to finding time to photograph or have a living room clean enough to photograph my shirts, who knows!) No one who knows me can buy me books, but they can all buy me bookish shirts. 🙂

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