Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson
How does a librarian spend a vacation day? Yes, it’s true: Reading. A whole book. In one day.
Before I Go to Sleep will do that to you. You can’t sleep till you’ve finished it.
Here’s the premise: Christine wakes every day with no memory of her past. So she starts writing in a journal her discoveries about her past—so the next day, she’ll have some personal history she can build on. And in the journal, she’s written “Don’t trust Ben.”
Yeah, Ben’s her husband.
And he’s one of the only people in her life. The only other person she knows is her therapist, whom she’s seeing on the sly, because Ben would not approve.
And then there are betrayals and lies—lots of lies—that emerge. And it’s completely unclear who Christine can trust.
And, given that she’s got a faulty memory, the reader may not be able to trust Christine…
Dennis Lehane blurbed the heck out of this book (“It left my nerves jangling for hours after I finished the last page”), and I can see why.
Get a copy of this book. Set aside some hours. Read.
Side note: Did anyone else watch those uber-creepy movies as adolescents: Wait Until Dark and Gaslight? I swear, they made me nervous about picking the wrong husband. This book’ll do the same thing.

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