Do you doodle?

Presidential Doodles: Two Centuries of Scribbles, Scratches, Squiggles and Scrawls from the Oval Office from the creators of Cabinet Magazine
Quick! Name a president who’s a known doodler.
If you named darn near any president, you got this one right.
But the big names in this area are Hoover, FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, and Reagan.
For the lover of random presidential trivia (me, me, me!) this book is pure gold.
Some of the doodles are unsurprising; for example, one would guess that FDR and JFK would be prone to draw sailboats, given their love of the sea—and Reagan drew horses (especially when he was super bored, apparently).
But who’d’ve thunk that Hoover would be such a doodler? I gotta say: I was shocked.
And he was known as a doodler even in his day. In fact, his doodles were transferred onto fabric and sold as “Hoover Scribble Rompers.” That is crazy, dude. (And actually, the rompers are frighteningly cute.)
The authors/compilers of this book stretched the definition of “doodle” a little bit, and I’m glad they did. Here’s what I mean: they also include illustrated notes and letters sent by presidents to their loved ones. And the notes written by Ronald Reagan to Nancy just about break my heart, they’re so cute. Like him or not, that man loved his wife.
This is the sort of book you can pick up and open to any random page and find something interesting. Hugely browse-able… if you can put it down.