Distractedly unruly

Yeah, so I’m supposed to be all doing nothing but reading and listening to audiobooks from my assigned reading list. 

And I was cruising right along, making deadlines (I’d created a schedule for all this assigned stuff: this is serious business), and then this happened:

Yes, people, we’re talking dual temptation.

First: I’m at work, librarian-ing away, and my hold for the latest Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes book by Laurie R. King arrives in my mailbox. Like I’m gonna resist that

And then, on the very same day, I get home and hop on over to see what Susan Bybee/Blue-Hearted Bookworm’s been writing about, and dear people, she’s written a novel. So there was nothing to do but go to Amazon immediately and buy a copy

Needless to say, progress on the assigned reading front (except for the audiobook assignments) has come to a screeching halt. 

Late March is gonna be ugly. 

But in the meantime… man, am I one happy reader.

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