Currently… WordPress conversion

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season (Happy holidays, everyone!) …so what better time to convert a blog from Blogger to WordPress, right?

It’s not like there’s anything else going on.

It actually wasn’t supposed to be like this. But I just finished a WordPress class, and part 2 begins in mid-January, and I wanted a WordPress site up and running so I could tinker with it. I learn better that way.

And then one day I thought, “I’ll set up web hosting this evening and then move my blog over at a convenient time.” [nods head with satisfaction]

But various things led to my transferring it that very night, and man did it ever look ugly.

(If you stopped by last week, you know what I’m talking about. [If you’re here right now, you know what I’m talking about.])

So: my free time (when not wrapping gifts and making holiday preparations) has been gobbled up by the WordPress Learning Curve.

Thank goodness I took that class, or I’d be completely lost.

But still, guys? I’m still pretty lost.


So… here’s my Big Ask:

Bloggers using WordPress… What tips can you offer me?

What plugins are essential for my happiness and well-being?

If you see weird things on my blog that are ridiculously easy fixes, please tell me about it.

If you’ve got WordPress hacks, I am all ears.


Thank you, my friends.

5 thoughts on “Currently… WordPress conversion

  1. I made this swap once before. WordPress has its advantages, primarily the commenting system, but I don’t imagine that I will ever bother with it again. For my purposes, Blogger is just fine, and I am free from worrying about server glitches and add ons that slow my page down, but that is primarily just with some self hosting.
    I do miss some of the plugins at WP. They have a lot to offer, and I am sure that you will have a good time trying some of them out. Meanwhile, I am forces to write my own, but it works.
    Best of luck with your new endeavor. I hope that you like it every bit as much as you are hoping to.

    • Unruly Reader

      Thanks for the good information. I’m learning a lot, sometimes the hard way, but we’ll see how it goes! Thanks for the good wishes.

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