Currently… winter

Winter! It’s for reals. So: cozying in. Here’s what’s been happening…


Reading | My most recent can’t-put-it-down book is On Writing by Stephen King. Even though I seriously don’t ever want to write a novel, this book provides fascinating advice and insight into the writing process.


Listening (iPhone) | I’ve been catching up on podcasts like you wouldn’t believe. HerMoney, What Should I Read Next, Presidential, TEDTalks, Q&A (from C-SPAN)…  All so good. And I’ve denied my instinct to download a new eAudiobook until I catch up on some of the podcast backlog, because it was weighing on me. Feels good, like I’m starting the new year with a clean slate of podcasts.

Listening (CD) | When I’m not spinning the Hamilton soundtrack (another wonderful Christmas gift), I’m listening to Lila by Marilynne Robinson and feeling all the feels.

Watching | I’ve gone off TV since all HGTV content has vanished from Netflix. (This discovery put me into a mild 24-hour funk. Then I got over it. But still… TV: dead to me.)

Learning  | My intermediate WordPress class just started, and my friends… I have miles to go before I sleep. I keep doing dumb things like failing to resize images, and then the Dear Man listens when I complain about my woes and suggests just the fix I need. So: this is all good.

Loving | We’ve become Culver’s converts. People: the frozen custard!!!


Anticipating | We have upcoming plans with good friends, and I can’t wait.

Celebrating | My ongoing ability to get rid of the objects that don’t bring joy. Things I’ve kept for years, thinking they mattered? Gone. Regrets? None. The KonMari technique works for me.

(Inspired by my own words, I just jumped up out of my chair and put into the Goodwill pile a sugar bowl I’ve never used. Not once. Ever.)


How are you celebrating the winter season?