Currently: polar vortex & all that snow

Reading | I just finished reading Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and I can’t get over it. I’m sad I finished it, I’m sad I’ll never get to read it again for the first time, and I’m sad that she’s no longer living. Her love for life springs off the pages and infects the reader, and I was overjoyed by her words and then so sad there won’t be more of them.

Reading online | When I saw this post by Carson Tate, I immediately rearranged my weekend. By which I mean, I cancelled half the things on my to-do list and gave myself some margin and some time to just be. While she says “Balance does not exist,” she also offers alternative ways to view the situation, and I really like that.

Listening | In my car, The World’s Greatest Love Story by Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman has been keeping me entertained during my brief spurts of driving. The audiobook version is fabulous — two actors reading their own material is gold. And it’s more like listening to a really great podcast, cuz often it’s like they’re having a conversation.

Watching | We’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and finding it delightful. Although the Dear Man isn’t a KonMari devotee like I am (though he is a declutterer by nature), we find plenty to discuss during and after each episode. Who knew decluttering could be so entertaining?  

Learning | We’re delving deep into the history of our schoolhouse and are so grateful to our local historical museum for the great research assistance they provided. Is it true that I burst into applause when we saw a photo of first graders in the 1910s standing alongside our schoolhouse with their teacher? Yes, that is true.

Loving | The kitchen rug: it’s new, it’s pretty, and the cat even likes it. (She popped up and out of frame after lounging there near the heat vent.)

Cooking | During the polar vortex, we made soup in the Instant Pot and I baked these cookies. When it hits -25, soup and cookies: pretty much mandatory.

Pizza eating | Here are our recent discoveries… Aliano’s Express Chicago style pizza and Aurelio’s thin crust. So good.

Celebrating | During the recent snowstorms, we conquered the snowblower and liked it.

So, are you too experiencing deep winter? How’re you making it bearable?

2 thoughts on “Currently: polar vortex & all that snow

  1. Aurelio’s!!! My mom and I occasionally visit our local Aurelio’s for their fabulous lunch buffet. Sooooooo good!

    We’ve been doing a lot of soup here as well, and I have a batch of bananadoodle dough chilling in the fridge to be baked later. The Polar Vortex forced us to stay home, not just because of the cold outside, but because it meant our car wouldn’t start! It took bringing the battery in to charge it and let it thaw overnight before it would start that Friday (thankfully, as my son has to be at school at 6:30 every morning!). This past Friday was none too warm either; I thought my face was going to freeze off, if I didn’t blow away first! Glad THAT is over!!!

    I like your rug! I have a similar one in my entryway, but I never thought of putting a long rug along the cabinets like that. What a fantastic idea! Totally going to copy when I need to replace the rug in front of my sink!!!

  2. Stephanie — That car battery situation sounds awful! But way to be resourceful in dealing with it.

    Bananadoodle… that sounds divine

    Thanks for the kind words about the rug — it was the final item to more or less complete the kitchen, and we like it.

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