Currently… Midnight car to Georgia

Traveling | We dashed down to Georgia to see some amazing sites, then darted home to see more marvels

Reading | I recently finished reading My Life in France by Julia Child, which I loved. And I’m compulsively listening to Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L. Rosen, which is basically the perfect summertime book about the perfect LBD. 

Listening | Like Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, I’m listening to the More Perfect podcast and finding out all kinds of fascinating details about the Supreme Court.  

Watching | The Property Brothers. They sometimes keep me company while I stretch. Ever since they were the guests on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! that time we were there for the show, I’ve been hangin’ with the Brothers via Netflix. 

Learning | …that there are still discernible earthworks at the Kennesaw Mountain battlefield near Atlanta. Illinois soldiers from right near where I live fought there, and it was sobering to walk that ground and consider what they experienced.
Loving | Shrimp and grits! Holy Toledo, people. Why did no one tell us about this earlier? We stopped by Aretha Frankensteins in Chattanooga, which looks like this…

And we both ordered this…
And yes, it was life-changing.
Anticipating | Looking over all of our photos of the tall ships that docked in Chicago last weekend, including the one where we discovered that tall ships from the War of 1812 have living quarters that are not very tall

Celebrating |The opportunity to stand in Presidents’ footprints. Here we got LBJ…

And Jimmy Carter…

Guys, what’re you doing with your summer?

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