Currently: doing that domestic goddess thing

Late bloomer here… While everyone else in the world was being all domestic during the pandemic, I was working my tail off and being super stressed. My ideal self would’ve risen nobly to the occasion, been brave and fierce, and then settled in every evening to perform feats of the domestic arts. Instead, mostly I worried, planked, snarled at the universe, and sanitized everything within reach. 

But now… now I’m doing the domestic goddess thing, and I’m doing it up right. Here’s what’s been going on…

Loving | Except for a few fits and starts during Covid, I haven’t quilted in nearly a decade and a half. But that era is over, my friends… 

I’m a reborn quilter and it’s making me so happy. 

What’s also making me happy: the Dear Man’s dear nephew and dear niece-in-law are expecting a baby girl, and they’re going to be the loveliest parents. And I get to make their daughter a quilt. 

Our home library, which became my home office, is now also the quilt studio. I love the weekend days when I swap the laptop for the sewing machine and turn that room into a quiet hum of sewing and pressing and piecing and stabbing myself with pins way more often than what really is necessary but that’s clumsiness for you. (Thank goodness it’s only when piecing the large strips together that pins are involved.)

Working on | There’s a whole lot of baking going on. During the final throes of winter, I’ve been making recipes from Snacking Cakes by Yossy Arefi (orange poppy seed cake, swirled jam cake, browned butter/pecan/white chocolate cake, and cocoa yogurt cake) and Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz (coffee coffee cake and salted halvah blondies).

Reading | Our true crime book club decided to read The Journalist and the Murderer by Janet Malcolm. But then, because we learned that the book is all about the writing of the true crime bestseller Fatal Vision by Joe McGinnis, we decided to throw that one in, too (all 700+ pages of it). We ain’t afraid of a big old book…

Listening  | …so then the true crime book picks led me to the Morally Indefensible podcast, which is a podcast critiquing the journalism of The Journalist and the Murderer… which is a book critiquing the journalism of Fatal Vision. It all gets very meta and I adore that.

And I’m interspersing that with listening to the A Quilting Life podcast while quilting — because I’m making a baby quilt, and listening to true crime while making a baby quilt just Would Not Do.

Watching | Turns out the Dear Man’s interested in true crime, too. So when we’re not watching travel YouTubers, we’re scouting out true crime documentaries.

Learning  |  I’ve been meditating since Covid Summer #1, and my goal has been to meditate daily. Well, I haven’t done that. But I was making it probably 3 days a week. Now I’m up to 5 days each week, and it’s proving to be just the thing I needed. Enneagram One here… so stressed and self-critical and striving. Meditation is helping me be better at my attempts to just be and to remain calm on the inside. Serious work-in-progress here, but it’s making a difference bit by bit.

Anticipating | The Dear Man and I have some summer travel plans that will probably actually happen! Stay tuned to find out whether we add to our collection of Capitol-dome-pointing selfies…

So please let me know: what’s going on in your corner of the world that’s making you happier, sadder, smarter, or excited?