Crooked? I’ll say…

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin
OK, so imagine
being on house arrest and in solitary
confinement, without ever having been arrested. This is more or less the life
Larry Ott is leading, two decades after he first was suspected of murdering a
girl who disappeared after their first date. The guy lives in a tiny Mississippi town, in the
house where he grew up, and he’s universally shunned. He’s more caged than the
chickens he keeps.
Man, that is sad (unless, of course, he actually did
that crime).
So the book starts
right off with something horrible happening to Larry. (Right in the beginning,
so I didn’t spoil anything, guys!)
And the newest
constable in town is Silas “32” Jones, who used to be Larry’s secret friend
when they were kids. (Secret, because Larry is white, and Silas is black. And
even in the 1970s in their Mississippi
town, this was not OK.)
Meanwhile, another
young woman has vanished, so all eyes are on “Scary Larry.”
So, unfinished
business from the past rears its head, and finally, finally! the truth (and I mean lots of it) begins to emerge.
I’d call this book
a pageturner, except that I listened to the (amazing) audiobook. So maybe we
can call it a don’t-want-to-leave-the-car audiobook. But it’s not that this is
a super fast-paced story; it’s that you just really want to find out how this
whole thing is going to unfold. And it is
A great choice for
a book discussion. 
Also: hereby endorsed by three librarians. I only read it after one librarian thanked another for mentioning it.  

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  1. Bybee — It's not happy-making, that's for sure. I'd say: Read when you're already super happy (because then nothing can get you down), or read when you're feeling blue (because surely your life still ain't as bad as Larry's).

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