Creating a hygge mood

I don’t know about where you live, but here it’s freakin’ cold outside. 

And that calls for some severe hygge measures, my friends. 

We’ve been working on our hygge mastery for a few years now, and I gotta say we’re kinda talented. 

I chronicled our first Super Hygge Evening back in 2017, and we’ve been perfecting the art ever since. 

If you’re also experiencing below-zero windchill, here are some hygge tips that can provide comfort in this cold world.

Cozy mood

Pile on the essentials: candles, hot beverages, decadent desserts, comfy blankets, and hanging out with your most favorite creatures (human, feline, canine, hamster… whoever you like most).

Cozy books

If you want to have a cozy day/evening of reading, find yourself some good comfort reading. If you’ve got the latest book by your favorite author, save it for your hygge time. Or try one of these books whose stories you can completely sink into…

So, my fellow cozy readers… What are your favorite cozy hygge tips?

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