Cranky reader finds book

So, it appears that I’m even pickier than usual after reading three books in one day. Book #4 cannot be simply any old thing.

So I started A Time to Remember, and I bailed after oh, maybe 15 pages.

Then I started my back-up book, The Last Illusion, and I wasn’t in the mood for it, either.

So — I am back to nonfiction. I am on page 109 of The Camera Never Blinks: Adventures of a TV Journalist by Dan Rather.

A college friend of mine, who shall remain nameless (you know who you are!) had a childhood crush on Dan Rather. I’ve always found that rather endearing, if odd. But now, reading his book, I guess I can see the guy’s appeal.

Important note: This book has a co-author, Mickey Herskowitz. I think we need to note these things. I’m a little bummed that a journalist didn’t author his book by himself, but that’s probably just me being fussy. But here’s my thought: The man can write; why didn’t he do the work himself? Yes, I know, a big national TV news guy probably lacks the time, etc., etc. I remain moderately bummed.

That having been said, I’m having a jolly time reading his reminiscences. This book was published in 1977, so it covers the early part of Rather’s career. So I’m reading about Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon — all of which makes me happy as a clam.

It’s now past midnight, and I’m probably OK for a while longer. Will I be able to finish this book before sleep overtakes me? The suspense is spine-tingling! (OK, no, it isn’t at all. It’s past midnight and I’m tired and almost irritable, so I’m simply attempting to work up some enthusiasm here.)

Stats thus far:

Books read: 3
Hours read: 12.25
Pages read: 828

Where I’ve read since the last update: unattractive recliner; sofa  (This house needs more reading lights!)

What I’ve consumed since the last update: 3 cookies and more water

What else I’ve done: updated Shelfari and Good Reads; read some book blogs; checked facebook (everyone there is asleep)

3 thoughts on “Cranky reader finds book

  1. “How did it get so late so soon? It's night before its afternoon." ~Dr. Seuss
    Oh, how I realize in this late hour it's getting tough so I'll offer you a bit of energy for those tired eyes as well. 🙂 You've done well so I hope you feel that! Plus, The fact that you're awake speaks volumes! Way to be reading!

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