Cops and more cops

I really should listen to my friends better than I do. Sometimes it takes several iterations before things sink in to this brain here.

So, two friends raved about The Wire, and finally–finally!–I checked out season 1. And season 2. And season 3…
And yeah, I’m not really wanting to watch anything else now. And it’s even cut into this person’s reading time. I don’t let that happen without some serious provocation.
Oh, and get this! Dennis Lehane–yes, the actual author guy–writes for The Wire sometimes. Dennis Lehane!

T. suggested The Wire after I reviewed Red on Red by Edward Conlon. And M. had been raving about The Wire for some time before that.
Why don’t I take their word for things before I do? What’s my problem, really?
Anyway… it hit me again today, because the book Red on Red is shelved at the end of a row at the library, and every time I pass that shelf, it catches my eye and I get a good feeling… so happy there are books in this world that are just that good. And then it gets me started thinking about The Wire and by that point, man, I am one jolly librarian.
So: Thanks, ladies. I’m keeping my ears open from now on.


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7 thoughts on “Cops and more cops

  1. I've been meaning to watch The Wire FOREVER. Thanks for the reminder. Is the actor Idris Elba in it? He's also been a fantastic British series about a homicide detective titled "Luther." He's great in it, but it is dark, dark, dark. MMMMM dark British series. Just thinking about that makes me happy (much like your Conlon book reminder). Have a great weekend!

  2. Citizen — Oh, I'm really excited for you — having this series ahead of you — because The Wire's just so darn good.

    Yes, Idris Elba is in it. I had to Google him to see which actor he is, but I knew I'd seen his name on the credits — and now I know whose face goes with the name. He plays a really complex character.

    I'm making a note about "Luther" — thanks for mentioning it.

    Speaking of British — my friend told me Dominic West, who plays McNulty (who's the main character if you had to narrow it down to just one) is actually a British chap. Completely messed with my mind, that fact.

    Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  3. Tracy Madden

    So glad you are loving The Wire. So well written, so character driven! And yes, both Stringer Bell (Elba) and Jimmy McNulty are actually Brits – so surprising.

  4. Trac — So glad you recommended it. Goodness knows what other surprising facts exist about the other actors — When I really like a show or movie, I tend to avoid learning too much about the actors, because I like to think of them as those characters only… It's a weird side effect of really great casting.

  5. Citizen — Yeah, and they're disguised (successfully, methinks) as Americans!

    I'm so excited about this stuff that I just checked out Edward Conlon's nonfiction book, Blue Blood. Given that his novel puts me in the same frame of mind as The Wire, I'm curious about his memoir.

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