Cool and refreshing

I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star by Judy Greer

3 words: cheerful, conversational, light

I seriously adore celebrity books. In small doses.

It’s probably a throwback to my Us Weekly reading days. (I recently shocked the living daylights out of a couple of people who couldn’t believe the scandalous truth of my former subscription to Us Weekly. I think they’re still skeptical.)

But sometimes the celebrity books are delightfully well done. And Judy Greer’s memoir falls into that category.

(And, unlike Us Weekly, it actually has words.*)

I know Greer from Arrested Development, where she portrayed Kitty Sanchez. She’s made her career by playing bit parts all over creation. Her IMDB page goes on for about 3 miles.

And she’s philosophical about that, and sounds genuinely glad to be making her living as an actress. Which is not exactly the glamorous life some of us might imagine.

Here’s Greer: “No, my career hasn’t taken me to London, Paris, or South Africa yet. Yes, I will probably purchase my next meal at a gas station while wearing pajamas under my
winter coat.” (p. 144)

The whole book is like that—she’s funny and self-deprecating and altogether likeable. She’s not trying to impress us or keep up appearances; she gives the straight skinny on stuff, and she’s a happy soul, so it’s pleasant to hear her voice through the pages.

If you’re looking for something light yet filling, give this one a whirl.


*Don’t get me wrong. Its photo-intensive style was the thing that captivated me about Us Weekly back in the day. It was a weird phase, that.