Clowns are scary

Hunting Sweetie
by Jack Fredrickson
I’m wildly fond of this author. This is the 3rd book in
his mystery series, and it’s as good as the 1st
That’s some serious praise.
Dek still lives in the turret his grandfather built, and he
continues to spar with the city officials who claim the property for themselves. 
And his on-again/off-again relationship with his ex-wife Amanda continues. (Yeah,
it’s time to move on, dude.) 
And his
wonderfully weird friend Leo is still hanging around being odd and
The new thing here is Dek’s
latest case: he’s asked to investigate the death of a clown (Scary! Clowns are
hella scary!)
who plunged to his death off a roof while performing a stunt.
Yup, probably it was murder. 
And it’s a strange situation, because Dek doesn’t
know at first who actually hired him. So that’s the second mystery to solve.
And the whole thing gets all convoluted fast.
Looking forward to book 4…

2 thoughts on “Clowns are scary

  1. Jack Fredrickson

    Well, as you might imagine, I'm wildy fond of Unruly Reader, who to my thinking, is a person of refinement and discernment. Not to mention charity. Jack Fredrickson

  2. Mr. Fredrickson — Thank you for stopping by! There're few things more thrilling than an author visit (except, perhaps, a kind and friendly author visit).

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