Christmas in October

Wait for Signs by Craig Johnson

3 words: warm, manly, decent

came early this year. In two ways.
this book is made up of short stories, thereby fulfilling my Book Bingo
requirement and getting me unstuck.
most of the stories take place around Christmastime. 
Normally, this would make
me puke, but we’re talking Craig Johnson here, so puking is out of the
question. He keeps it too wry and too real for me to be having an attack of
“way too heartwarming” seasonal nausea.*
Though, I
gotta say: some of these stories (one of them especially—“Slick-Tongued Devil”**)
prompted some emotions. Johnson’s getting a pass, because when he writes stories
that make a person feel sad or grateful or nostalgic, he never cheapens any of
the emotions and he keeps it all free of smarm. (I can’t stand smarm.)
The beauty
of these stories is that they fill in some of the gaps between the novels in
the Walt Longmire mystery series. They’re vignettes that show us some everyday
occurrences and also some turning points in Walt’s life. And they illustrate the
tough, kind, decent man he is. (Yes, I know I’m talking about a fictional
character as though he’s real.)
They say
that when you read short stories, you should savor every word. With Craig
Johnson’s books and stories, I do that by necessity; I don’t want to miss a
single syllable. 
Christmas, y’all.
*A third
thing that was Christmas-y: I was reading this book while on a dream vacation
with people I love.
one almost made me cry.

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