Castle charm. Yep, more of it.

A Brief History of Montmaray by Michelle Cooper
3 words:
charming, genteel, youthful
When I
heard Nancy Pearl (she of the librarian action figure) say that this book was
perhaps even better than I Capture the
, I was intrigued. And skeptical.
But I
see what she means.
While my
heart still belongs to the Castle,
this book offers some serious competition.
And also
some serious homage (the kinder word for “imitation”).
first, I was concerned that this story of a genteel family, fallen on hard
times yet living in a castle, was so similar to Castle that it wouldn’t work for me. There was even the
children’s/YA trope of the young protaganists taking charge of the action
because the adults are incapacitated (also true in Castle). And it, too, was set in the 1930s.
But this
book, while similarly sweet throughout the initial chapters, departs from its
predecessor in a few ways.
actual royalty. In this book, the lead characters—two teenage girls—are
princesses reigning over a tiny island kingdom off the coast of Europe. Quite
Nazi menace. There are serious political maneuverings in this book, and there
are serious bad guys. So the shadows are much deeper than I would’ve expected.
All in
all, there’s some good storytelling here, and some characters worth caring
This is
the first in a trilogy, and I just might try the others…

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