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Oh my land. This place is a little bit of heaven, plunked down in the middle of an old city block in Chicago. 
It’s been here for years (since 1980), and of course I’m only just now getting the memo.
Magnificent librarian Leah White mentioned this bookstore during a presentation about marketing books, and the way she described it, I had to make a nearly immediate pilgrimage.
The Dear Man and I braved cold weather and inhospitable city streets (thank goodness he’s a marvel at parallel parking), and it was so worth the effort. 

Here’s why:
The way they promote books is utterly intoxicatingly.
Three steps in the door, and I got snared by a display of children’s books, each with a captivating shelf talker underneath its face-out cover. I lingered for 5 minutes, even though I’m not a frequent reader of children’s books. I was totally enraptured by the allure of that display.

Then it got even more intense: a display of previous nonfiction bestsellers, oodles of shelf talkers in the fiction area, a display of their top 35 favorites of 2015 (each book with a shelf talker), and scattered shelf talkers throughout every area of the store. 
I kept cooing. 

And we lingered a really long time.

I kept exclaiming over every marvelous notation by a bookseller.
So, yeah. Book bliss. 
As the man said…

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