Bookish tourist: Leelanau Books

We went there for sandwiches. Big, lusty sandwiches.

We’d heard about the Village Cheese Shanty in Leland, and during our trip to northern Michigan, we made it happen.

And then we found a bookstore. An enchanting indie bookstore. 

We visited Leelanau Books directly after the torrential downpour that nearly drenched us in our sandwich quest.

In spite of the foul weather, the bookstore was bright and airy, and the selections were well-curated.

I saw several books I would have happily bought, but chose Working because I love Robert Caro.

So, one more reason to visit northern Michigan: Leelanau Books in Leland.

Other reasons...






Canoeing the Au Sable River








So, as summer sadly approaches its close, I’m wondering… have your summer travels involved bookish adventures?