Bookish tourist: Dragonfly Books

3 words: delighted, blissful, satiated
On our recent trip to my home state of Iowa, the Dear Man and I seriously touristed it up.
The aim of the trip: canoeing the Upper Iowa River. 
And that was pure delight. The Dear Man squired me around in a canoe while I ate snacks (and occasionally paddled). This was our 4th river, and it was the bluffiest of the bunch.
93 degrees and Iowa-humid? We got this.
And then there was All The Other Stuff.
This included a bookstore visit. (Of course it did.)
We stopped by Dragonfly Books in beautiful downtown Decorah. It’s a new-ish bookstore, and it’s super cute. 
I liked all the things: their displays, their selection, their layout. 
And I bought this book, by Stephen King, which has been on my TBR forever. 
So excited!
 And we stopped by a stone cottage built by a Revolutionary War veteran, and there was a darling Little Free Library installed by a Girl Scout!

Well done, sister Scout!
And we visited my college campus (Go, Norse!) and I showed the Dear Man all the important places, like the path where my friends and I impersonated the Dead Poets Society guys in our duffel coats.
And Mabe’s Pizza: we ate there. 

(I can’t imagine who ate that tiny corner piece of pizza 
on my side of the table, before the photo was even taken.)
And Dunnings Spring: we walked there. 

And there were trolls, because: Norwegians. 


And there was a cave tour and rhubarb pie and a hidden military cemetery and a drive-in and an old fort and a roadside stand and ice cream at the Whippy Dip.
We seriously get around.

So, my fellow book lovers… What are your bookish travel plans this summer?

8 thoughts on “Bookish tourist: Dragonfly Books

  1. On Writing is so good.
    I have some trolls but I've never read with them. We just watch football together. I might have to fix that.
    I'm going to Washngton D.C. in a few weeks and reread the horrible Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol to find out about some places where I've never been.

  2. What a fun trip! I love King's book On Writing…it's great! And what a lovely bookstore…which it was by me! Happy summering!

  3. Heather — I can't wait to read "On Writing." Glad you liked it!

    The reading with trolls thing is totally worthwhile.

    DC — my favorite city! I listened to "Washington Schlepped Here" by Christopher Buckley before a visit, and really liked it.

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