Bookish Tourist: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh: so much to love.

We saw surprising historic sites, rode an incline, saw gorgeous views from the heights, ate fabulous and unusual foods that delighted us, and visited a gorgeous library with dinosaur views.

We arrived in Pittsburgh in the evening, and libraries have generous hours so we headed there first.

We visited the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main Library, which:

  • Is named in honor of the Carnegie—Pittsburgh philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who is famous for the library buildings he funded nationwide
  • Shares space on a huge city block with the Carnegie Institute museums

So we’re talking about a spectacular, swoon-worthy library that causes this kind of reaction…

And it means that when a person is in the nonfiction stacks and looks out the window, this is the view…

And the stacks are utterly charming.

And they’re kept their old card catalog, which holds some of their indexes. And who doesn’t love an old card catalog?

And of course, the most important part is the staff. We were greeted warmly and offered assistance, and a kind librarian answered my questions. And then we wandered into another area, and more pleasant attentiveness there.

As an introduction to Pittsburgh, this place won me over completely.

Well done, city of Pittsburgh. A good library is a great testament to the strength and health of a city.

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