Bookish news, in which I am despondent

There’s been some good stuff lately on the bookish interwebs, but this first story is making me ache inside.

There goes one of my favorite podcasts…

Brian Lamb has retired. And I just downloaded his final Q&A podcast –an interview of David McCullough. And I’m feeling gloomy and withdrawal-y and unhappy and a bit moan-y about it. He wasn’t supposed to ever retire.

(photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Jeopardy, baby…

In happier news, the current Jeopardy winner has stated that he learned so many darn facts by reading children’s booksmy very most favorite way in the world to learn new stuff. I hope this technique goes viral.

If only I had faith in TV…

…this would be better news. Susan Orlean’s magnificent The Library Book has been optioned for TV.

Validation for not Konmari-ing the books

Science says book buying is good for us. (Why do none of us find this to be a surprise?)

What bookish news stories have caught your eye lately?