Booking Through Thursday: Which End?

From Booking Through Thursday, here’s this week’s question:

In general, do you prefer the beginnings of stories? Or the ends?

This is one terrific question.
And I’ve had to think for a little while before determining that I prefer the beginnings.
I like the first couple of chapters of books, because they are full of such promise. They are like springtime. I adore opening a new book and finding that it is exactly what I’m looking for at that exact moment — and knowing that I have hours of reading ahead.
However, the first few pages of a book is also where an author can lose, lose, lose me, since I only go about 5 pages or so before bolting if I’m not captivated. I’m a skittish and fickle reader that way.
So they’ve got to entrap me in the first 5 pages or I’m someone else’s reader.
I’m similarly mixed about the endings of books. This is where an author can launch me off into the clouds in unadulterated bliss — or make me dash through the last pages so fast that I can barely remember the ending. (Sadly, with many mysteries I do the dashing thing, and thus often cannot remember Who Done It.)
Now I’m going to be watching myself to see if I’ve just written a whole passel of lies. What if I’m really secretly an endings person?

2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Which End?

  1. Endings. If the beginning doesn't engage me, I move on to the next book. But if all has gone well and the ending sucks, I'll be very upset that I have put in the effort. I'll feel shortchanged.

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