Booking Through Thursday: Speed

This week’s topic is:

What do you think of speed-reading? Is it a good way to get through a lot of books, or does the speed-reader miss depth and nuance? Do you speed-read? Is some material better suited to speed-reading than others?

I’d like to go on record that I think speed-reading is a truly appalling habit.
And I do it all the time.
Here are my excuses:
— When one of my friends, or even I myself, select a book club book that I’m really not enjoying… speed reading!

(I’ve confessed this evil habit to the book club, and now I’ve become borderline notorious–such behavior from the token librarian in the group!)

— When I’m suffering with undue agony through a book assigned or selected for a genre study… speed reading!

— When I just want to get the gist of a nonfiction book that’s one of those informational, non-narrative suckers… speed reading!
— When I’m reading… (oh, people, true confessions)… one of those really horrid, but truly delectable, tell-all books written by a famous person’s ticked-off, disillusioned former nanny/butler/maid… speed reading!
(As I’ve been adding my “Books I’ve Read” list from the past 14 years to Shelfari [look to the right column if you’re in the mood for a fright], I’ve discovered just how many of these dreadful things I’ve devoured over the years.)
So… speed reading. I only do it when I must. (Or when I just feel like it.)

3 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Speed

  1. I, too, find my self speed reading – or scanning – books at times. This was the only way I was able to finish The Enchantress of Florence. As much as like to get caught up in the language of a story, if it isn't there for me, I want to escape the pain as quickly as possible.

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