Booking Through Thursday: Resolutions

At Booking Through Thursday, here’s this week’s question:

Any New Year’s reading resolutions?

Usually I don’t do the New Year’s resolution thing because I think it’s vaguely bogus. But this year, I’m jumping right on that bandwagon. Why the hell not?
When it comes to the bookish resolutions, I got a head-start on it (back before year-end, when I typically get all irritable about the whole resolutions thing), and I committed to some stuff during Book Blogger Appreciation Week. We were asked for our blogging goals for the year ahead, and I said I’d do some stuff.
Here’s the succinct version:
1. Post photos of my bookshelves.
2. Read 100 books.
3. Do another reading challenge or two. (status update)
4. Host another reading challenge. (status update)
5. Post occasional super-short re-caps of books. (Watch for the first one next Tuesday!)
I’m calling that exactly enough.