Booking Through Thursday: The Numbers Game

Here’s the question for Booking Through Thursday: Some people read one book at a time. Some people have a number of them on the go at any given time, perhaps a reading in bed book, a breakfast table book, a bathroom book, and so on, which leads me to… Are you currently reading more than one book? If so, how many books are you currently reading? Is this normal for you? Where do you keep your current reads?

So, here goes…

Are you currently reading more than one book?
Umm… yes.

If so, how many books are you currently reading?
8 books that I’m actually reading (cover to cover)
5 books that I’m perusing for information
1 short story collection — I’m reading only certain stories

The categories of the 8 cover-to-cover books are:
1 mystery novel
1 suspense novel
1 romance novel
1 presidential biography
1 Civil War history book
1 celebrity biography
2 improve-your-life books

I’m just between audiobooks, having finished one (historical fiction) yesterday. Next up: a contemporary novel.

Is this normal for you?
Yes. For years this has been my pattern. I have a variety of books in progress at once, because I read different types of books depending on my mood, where I am, how much time I have for that little bout of reading, etc. I usually have a book that I read while I eat breakfast, a book I read before sleep, and a book I carry back and forth to work (to read during lunch or after work if I’m waiting for an appointment). At the moment, I’m reading one book to prepare for a book discussion I’m leading for work. And I have to start (very soon!) the book my (friends’) book club is discussing next week. Usually I have about 3 “assigned” books each month (for book discussions and genre studies). At the moment, I’m not precisely in the mood for one of my assigned books, which is creating some reader irritability. (Doggone it, all I want to do is read that Buddy Holly biography!)

I find that having multiple books underway at the same time is comforting for a couple of reasons: when I finish a book I loved, at least I’m also midway through several other books, which alleviates that bummed-out feeling that can happen when you’re missing a really good book; and I don’t have to worry about being without a book in progress (which is the kind of thing that can induce a terrible feeling of dread; there are few things worse than being stuck somewhere waiting for something, without a book to read.) All those extra books in progress are like insurance!

The only odd thing about my current reading line-up is that there aren’t any contemporary novels in the mix–usually I’ve got at least one general fiction book underway.

Where do you keep your current reads?
3 books on the kitchen bookshelf that holds my current library book checkouts
1 book on the kitchen table
1 book on the living room coffee table
1 book on the living room telephone table
2 books on the bedroom dresser

Now that I think of it, I’m never more than 20 feet from a book. What a good life.

One thought on “Booking Through Thursday: The Numbers Game

  1. I'm also one of those who have to have several books on the go. My downstairs bathroom reading is always the National Geographic Magazine. (It's been for the last 10 years I think…) Upstairs bathroom is usually re-reads of books. Then I have one I bring around with me, this is usually a new book. I can read while I'm cooking, at work, while watching tv, in bed…anywhere really… Wich amazes me 'cause I can't really see I have the time to be doing it either…with a full time job, two kids and a husband, and trying to write a book of my own in between…

    Author of G.E.N.I. Genetically Enhanced Natural Intelligence

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