Booking Through Thursday: Film to Paper?

From Booking Through Thursday, here’s this week’s question:

Even though it’s usually a mistake (grin) … do movies made out of books make you want to read the original?
Though few movies can live up to the books on which they’re based, I definitely get sucked into reading books because they’re being (or have been) made into a movie.
For example, our recent book discussion pick, Giant, was driven largely because we knew of the movie. I don’t recall how we chose our next book, The End of the Affair, but I think the fact that it had been made into a movie was mentioned as an item in its favor.
We’re not one of them snobby book clubs. No, sir, we’re down with the people!
But I think what’s happening there is that some books have longer shelf lives because the movie keeps the book on people’s radar screens for longer.
Two book/movie rules I live by:
1. If I really, really love a book, I Will Not See Its Movie. Ever.
2. Almost always I read the book before seeing the movie, but sometimes I get all wild and out of control and see the movie first. (Hello, English Patient.)
And often, if I do that (see the movie before reading the book), I come away with a more positive opinion of the movie than I’d’ve had if I’d read the book first. But this is simply a chicken-or-egg thing. Because: Do I like the movie more because it formed my expectation for the story, or — Did I not read the book first because I expected not to like the book anyway?
Much too philosophical for me.

One thought on “Booking Through Thursday: Film to Paper?

  1. Ash

    I'm really impressed with your first rule. I just have to see the movie no matter how much I loved the book. And it's usually disappointing, but then I know.

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