Booking Through Thursday: Evolution

At Booking Through Thursday, this week’s question is:

Have your reading choices changed over the years? Or pretty much stayed the same? (And yes, from childhood to adulthood we usually read different things, but some people stick to basically the same kind of book their entire lives, so…)
This is a great question.
I’ve thought it over, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m still the same happy little dorkess that I’ve always been.
I’ve been a compulsive reader since the word Go.
I’ve been a mystery reader ever since that first Nancy Drew mystery I read in 2nd grade.
I read the full set of presidential and first lady biographies in 3rd grade.
The only area in which I think I’ve really changed is that I read tons of nonfiction these days, and way back when, I read mainly only biographies.
I think the key reason for this change is that there’s so much great narrative nonfiction on the market now. But I also think that it’s a difference in how nonfiction is written for children–those books tend to be didactic rather than narrative. And I’m a narrative girl through and through. I need me a story line!

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