Book sale haul

It does my heart good to see what $8 still can buy.

Sure, it’ll buy you lunch at Panera, but $8 can do way better than that. 

Yes, all those beautiful books you see there: $8!

Library book sales. They rock my world.

The biography/history table contained about 15 pounds of excellence, which made me grateful I’ve been working on my biceps. (With the smallest weights known to humankind, sure, but hey.)

I found 2 volumes of the Caro LBJ biography, the original Kennedy biography by Sorensen, a book about the Kennedy marriage, a Reagan bio by Noonan, two WWII books, an astronaut memoir (Frank Borman!), and a better copy of one of the Anne Morrow Lindbergh volumes. 

We can take bets now on how long these little lovelies will remain on the coffee table before the librarian compulsively shelves them all by subject.

(Which temptation shall be the stronger? To shelve the books, thus welcoming them to the collection and setting the world right because the books are interfiled in their proper place — or to keep them set aside, so as to admire them in all their newness? Hell, even I don’t know, and I’m the very weirdo with the strange inner struggle about such minutia.)

6 thoughts on “Book sale haul

  1. Excellent finds – the Caro books alone would be worth the $8, especially with the new biography just out. Haven't read any of them but The Husband (who did his masters in the American presidency and reads presidential biographies for fun) raves about them.

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