Book club update

Yeah, so we’ve been
reading up a storm, we ladies of the book club. Here’s what we’ve been doing
these past several months.
It’s a weird mix, my friends…
Henry’s Sisters by Cathy Lamb
(OK. Confession: I
didn’t finish this book; I was finding it tedious. And then I was sick and
couldn’t attend book club anyway, so it actually all turned out, in a strange
way. If I’d powered through to the end of the book, I’d’ve been darn vexed to’ve been sick and missed the discussion. [Regardless, I was vexed about being sick. But that’s neither here nor there.])
Next up: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
And then I think it’s my turn to pick a book next, and I already know what it’s gonna be. (And I’m not sayin’ yet; you’ll just have to wait and see.)
Here’s our complete book club list, since the dawn of time.

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