Book club update

Book club snacks!


Yep, we’ve been doing some reading… Here’s the report from the living rooms.


The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe  

Discussability score: 4

Because: We kept talking about how relevant and timely this book remains, despite the fact that it’s known as a Novel of the 1980s. We also all agreed that we were glad we’d read it, because it serves as a cultural touchstone. And we had plenty to say about the structure of the novel, with its various viewpoints. Some of us liked it; some of us did not.


The North Water by Ian McGuire

Discussability score: 2

Because: Only one of us had the stomach to read the entire book. I bailed (with permission!) halfway through, because man this book is gritty. So: we discussed why the book didn’t work for us as readers.


On Writing by Stephen King

Discussability score: 5

Because: Man, what a discussion! We talked about this book for a long time, and we were all leaping into the conversation with lots to say. And this, despite the fact that we all liked the book. We looked at other books through the King Writing Rules lens, and that was some serious fun. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna keep referring back to this one… especially since 11/22/63 is our next book club pick. (Stephen King: we just can’t get enough.)