Book club people: unite!

You got it: it’s National Reading Group Month again… already! 

So if you’re in a book club, rejoice. 

If you’d like to be in a book club, check out your public library and find out if they’ve got one. If they do, they probably actually discuss the book and have someone moderating the discussion who’s done actual research about the book. It gets crazy like that.

At my friends’ book club, we mix it up. We’ve had some darn good book discussions that go on for an hour. Or longer. And other times, we talk about the book for 10 minutes and then drift off in other directions. And we eat really good snacks. (Regardless of the book’s discussibility / our desire to discuss the thing, we eat the snacks.)

In October, my book club is discussing The Sisters Brothers, which my friend chose after hearing me talk about it. (Freebie for me — just read it last month!) I’m interested to find out if our discussion goes in different directions from the discussion I led on this book recently. Probably it will. 

I totally can’t wait.

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