Book bloggers reunite!

One of the ways I know I’m lucky in this life: I get to meet with book bloggers IRL. 

Four of us who met at BEA 2016 (Julie of JulzReads, Katie of Words for Worms, and Marisa of The Daily Dosage) met for the third time (!) last weekend and it was so much fun. I knew it would be: the first and second reunions were things of beauty. 

We met for brunch at the new Unruly schoolhouse.

Get book people together, and it gets nerdy fast (I say this with the utmost affection). These ladies are smart and funny and quick-witted and kind. And man, does this group know books. 

And also: the bookish arts. Julz shared copies of her magnificent paper bookshelf (and we all marveled at its beauty and her wicked neat handwriting). And Katie brought her bullet journal and we all marveled at her artistry. 

Marisa brought beautiful desserts! (shoulda taken a photo of Julz's perfect salad)


And we underwent the schoolhouse quiz.

Here’s a sample of our answers…

Favorite book of 2019 thus far

Favorite book from elementary school days (a sampling of answers)

And Marisa mentioned that her goal book for the year is Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry… and then a cry went up from the assembled because: such a great pick. And also: on our goal lists. So there just might be a read-along in our future… 

Only regret: we forgot to take a photo of the four of us together. Suffice it to say: we all looked fabulous.

For another take on our bookish Sunday, check out Julz’s lovely recap.

Our fellow bloggers and bookish folk… how do you stay connected with your fellow book people? We may wanna borrow your strategies…