Book bliss

It’s an embarrassment of riches around here, I’m telling you.
I’ve got the ARC of the new Tess Monaghan mystery on my Nook, American Caesars: Lives of the Presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush (my favorite presidential years!) is on the table before me, and I just finished a highbrow work of biography.
Yes, I’m speaking of William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls.
It was exactly what you’d expect, and I raced through it with great delight.
Dudes, I am seriously taking a vacation day on April 29* to rise with the chickens — because though it’s a national holiday in the UK, we former colonists will have to make special plans.
Fortunately, I’m a resourceful Yank.
And I own three alarm clocks.

*If this date fails to ring bells, here’s the poop, in a mere two words: ROYAL WEDDING!!!
Damn. I tell you: Life is good.