Book Bingo: my problem areas

my friend and I decided to do Book Bingo earlier this year, I was all happy and
excited and confident. When July rolled around, I had all but about 4 squares
done and thought, “I could wipe this thing out by September!” 

was before I tacked The Problem Areas.
talking about “A Forgotten Classic” and “A Book of Short Stories.” They may
just do me in.
moaning began back in August, when I realized my September finish was out of
the question because of The Big Two. My friend helped me brainstorm, and I
re-entered the fray all refreshed and ready to face my foes.
then I faltered. The classics are an embarrassing stumbling block for me. I
know they’re important, but I don’t crave them the way I think I should. And
then to have to come up with a doggone forgotten one. For pete’s sake!
short stories are not my thing. It’s really too bad. They always have the most
enticing titles:
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Fistfight in Heaven
See You in Paradise
What I Want to Tell Goes Like
The Year of Perfect Happiness
So it’s
like the final hours of the Read-a-Thon, when I’m tired and irritable and
difficult to please. And then there’s assigned reading.
I will
do it, though. I will complete this doggone bingo card.
the triumph will be all the more glorious for the struggle.
is what I tell myself. 

8 thoughts on “Book Bingo: my problem areas

  1. I just barely finished my Reading Bingo card…the short stories category was hard for me, too. I finally stumbled on a collection of Daphne du Maurier short stories at the library which I ended up really enjoying. (It had The Birds in it and I love that Hitchcock movie.) The other category I really struggled with was finding a book written by someone under thirty, and tackling a book over 500 pages. But I made it! 🙂 Good luck finishing your card!!

  2. ooh, ooh, short stories, I have got THE recommendation for you–"Kiss Kiss," by Roald Dahl (of the Chocolate Factory fame). Awesome, quick, dark. IF you can find it.

    Good luck on your card! BINGO!

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