Blogging about books… and looks

Book blogger in training

Hello, pretty baby! 

Yep, the blog got itself a redesign this month. 

Big thanks to Carrie from Carrie Loves Design for the user-friendly template and instructions, and for answering my questions so quickly and kindly.

It feels a little bit like I have an expanded playground these days (including a death-defying 1970s-style merry-go-round!)

Here’s what’s new around here:

An About page… where you can read the deep, dark secrets of my sordid past 

The blog joined Facebook. I know. Kids these days. 

All that book-related stuff I hoard on Pinterest? Now yours to see…

So, yeah. This girl’s been busy.  
It’s playtime… 

2 thoughts on “Blogging about books… and looks

  1. Hello pretty baby indeed!
    Love the design and LOVE the about page. Anytime anyone has a picture of them posing with the MTM statue (or the Rocky statue at the top of the art museum steps in Philly), I think that person should be required to use that photo for their profile!
    Congrats on the new look.

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