Blogger Interview: Frank Hawkins of Boy’s Guide Books

It’s blogger interview day!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Hawkins of Boy’s Guide Books and blog, who graciously answered my questions.

UR: When did you start blogging?
Frank: I began blogging just 2 months ago! It’s been a pretty steep learning curve as you can imagine. Even so, I’ve found the process very rewarding in terms of meeting new people and gathering new ideas. I never realized how big blogging was until I jumped into the middle of it!

UR: Why did you start blogging?
Frank: The initial “prod to blog” came from my book distributor who told me, “It will be good for business.” Since then, the reason why I want to blog has evolved. I see it now more as a way to reach out and pass along information to young people. Blogging is a great way to communicate and give back to the community.

UR: How has your blogging style changed since you first began?
Frank: While it hasn’t been that long since I started blogging, my style has already gone through a number of evolutions. I try hard now to look at each post from the perspective of the reader. What will make it most interesting? Of most value? Easiest to read? Early on, it was more about the process rather than the content.

UR: Who are your favorite books and authors?
Frank: My personal reading tastes are very eclectic. I particularly like history and biographies, like those by David McCullough. This fact would be a great surprise to my high school history teacher so please don’t tell her! Oh, and don’t forget non-fiction works, like those of Steven Pinker (The Stuff of Thought).

UR: How many books do you read in a typical year?
Frank: I would say I read about 20 books a year. The balance of my time is spent writing. I’m just finishing up our latest book in our “how-to” series for boys, The Book of Bad Habits. I always have this internal conflict looking for the right balance between writing and reading. There aren’t enough hours in the day to give either their due.

UR: On your blog, you mention that you wrote your first book for your son. Other than your book (obviously!) what are some of his favorites?
Frank: My son is a big fan of the Hardy Boys. We’re working our way through them one at a time. I’ve found out there are many many more Hardy Boys books today than there were when I was a kid!

UR: Also on your blog—it looks like NBA star Gheorghe Muresan is involved in your literary work. How did you meet him?
Frank: I met Gheorghe through a mutual friend, Rares “Nick” Morar. Getting to know Gheorghe and having the opportunity to work with him has been a real honor. I’ve found him to be a very kind and giving person. And, he’s a lot of fun to hang out with!

UR: Are you a member of any other book-related online communities? (Shelfari, etc.)
Frank: I am not a member of any online communities yet. Can you give me a few recommendations?
UR: I really like Shelfari. I’ve also been experimenting with Goodreads since I joined Facebook, since Goodreads and Facebook play well together.

UR: As a resident of northern Virginia, what is your favorite Washington, D.C., site to visit?
Frank: That’s a tough question. There’s so much from which to choose. As of today, I’d have to say The Air and Space Museum. I will add, though, that my tastes seem to change as my children grow.

UR: Other than reading and blogging, what are your hobbies?
Frank: I do a little genealogy on the side from time-to-time. And I spend lots of time with my children. In general, I consider myself pretty fortunate because my work (writing) feels like a hobby to me. Most of the time…

UR: Which book character would you like to be?
Frank: Candide!

Many thanks to Frank for sharing his thoughts and insights with us here. Kudos to him on his writing and his blog, and best wishes to him in the future!

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