Blockbuster. Twisted blockbuster.

Gone Girl by
Gillian Flynn
Holy crap!
If you hear someone say those words—kind of loud—while reading,
probably she’s reading Gone Girl.
A fellow librarian described the book to me this way, and she had
it right: “You think you know what’s going on, then it all flips. And then you think you know, but it flips again.” 
And guys, I’m telling you:
that’s the truth.
The basic premise is that a woman named Amy goes missing on her 5th
wedding anniversary. And of course everyone always suspects the husband, so
Nick is in deep trouble.
And the thing is: Both of them are completely despicable human
beings, so if you’re a reader like me, who has to like at least someone in a book in order to be happy,
you may struggle a bit as I did. I actually had to put it down for a bit. But
then I dove back in, because the strength of the plot overwhelmed my need for a
likeable character.
In addition to a plot that won’t stop, this book has some other
good stuff going for it. Amy was the subject of her parents’ popular children’s
book series, “Amazing Amy,” and those parents of hers… they are some weird ones. And Nick co-owns a bar with his sister
Go, and they’ve got a bizarro relationship, too. And there are other suspects
in Amy’s disappearance, including a strange stalker-ish boyfriend from her
So if you’re looking for a pageturner, or if you’re into twisted,
hella disturbing psychological novels, this is a book for you.

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