Beach book

The Violets of March by Sarah Jio

3 words: quietly dramatic, romantic, family secrets


First, a few observations:

  1. Sarah Jio. Why had everyone else on earth heard of her, while I remained oblivious?
  2. It occurred to me that the alternate title could be The Clue in the Diary.*
  3. Apparently I’ve become one of those readers who yells, “Don’t do it!!” at characters in books.**


Here’s how the book got on my radar:

Sarah Jio’s name came up at BEA during a conversation about women’s fiction. So I asked Katie of Words for Worms, who was all knowledgeable and helpful and modest about it, and she told me everything I needed to know about Jio.

Then I did the Good Reads “Want to Read” thing.

And a couple of weeks later… I’d been casting about for a good Beach Read for Book Bingo, and I realized this book fit the bill.

There were even beaches in it!

And a woman reinventing herself after a horrible experience, and family secrets from the past, and an old diary with mysterious clues, and an island setting, and budding romance, and a marvelous great-aunt.

I like all of these things.

And Jio weaves them together into a story that had me paying close attention to my eAudiobook, even while sorting the laundry. (Sometimes my mind really wanders while I’m doing that. I really like doing the laundry. [I know: Sick.])

I’m notoriously picky about reading more than one book by an author, so this is a big statement, even though I’m using careful language so as not to over-commit:

I might listen to another Sarah Jio book one day.So… wanna spill? What author did you discover late in the game? 


*Nancy Drew mystery. You knew that though, right?

**Woman! When the lying, cheating ex-husband calls, you don’t consider a reconciliation even for a split second!