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Shanyn of Chick Loves Lit has an amazing young adult book blog, and I had the good fortune to interview her!

She’s actually the master of the art of the interview, as you’ll see on the Fun Five interviews on her blog. And she even asked me Fun Five questions when she interviewed me!
Here’s what she had to say during our interview:
1. On your blog, you write about young adult books. As a teen, what books did you like to read?
I was very fortunate to live near a library most of my childhood. We moved several times but we always were very close to our town’s library. This allowed me to read a LOT because I was within walking distance 🙂 I loved Roald Dahl, The Babysitter’s Club (I met Ann M. Martin this year at BEA – it was my favorite author experience ever!), Goosebumps, Sweet Valley, Boxcar Children – as you can see, I really loved series. I can still visualize the section of my library that housed all of these series and remember the thrill I would get when looking to see if a new book was in for any of them.
2. What book have you re-read the most times? (How many times?)
I have a confession: I’m not a re-reader. So I guess the books I’ve reread the most are The Babysitter’s Club, but only because I once tried to read the entire series in a summer (just a few years ago).
3. What are your top 5 favorite books of all time?
Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling – easily always my top. The rest change and shift, but for now: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers Divergent by Veronica Roth The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney (I had a lot of trouble with this last one, many books were fighting for this spot!)
4. I love your Fun Five Interviews. How do you think of the questions? What is your favorite answer you’ve received from an author?
The questions stem from my time as staff at a summer camp. I met hundreds of kids every week and found I had the most fun when I asked kids random questions – and I also learned a lot more than if I were to ask traditional things. I try to change the Who/What/Where/When/Why/How for each question, and then just go from there. There are days I don’t feel the Fun Five magic, so I just wait until I’m feeling it before sending out questions 🙂 My favorite answer? This one is really hard because I’ve had so many authors on – I think the count is over 50 now! I always love when we get stories from the authors – it lets us see their personality. I recently had Kendare Blake (author of Anna Dressed in Blood) on, and I loved this question/answer: 5. Invent a new cereal cartoon spokesperson and tell us his/her name and characteristics.
For this question, I am going to invent a new spokesperson for Frosted Flakes. As you know, Frosted Flakes is delicious. And Tony the Tiger has done it justice for years. But he just isn’t brand specific enough. So, I give to you, his niece, Miss Tonya Tigress. Preliminary sketches portray her as slinky and sassy, with four inch spiked claws and bleached out stripes. She’s also a tad on the skinny side. Tonya spends most of her time finding new boys to buy her more diamonds, which she wears constantly. That’s right folks, she’s frosted. And flaky. She would be voiced by….Hannah Montana.
5. Speaking of Fun Five… You asked Ron Koertge this question, and now I’m asking you: Tell us a weird fact about yourself.
You’re turning my own Fun Five on me! 🙂 A weird fact… hmmmm. I actually just revealed this in a vlog for Interrobang YA, but I really really love reality TV. These past few weeks I’ve been watching full seasons of Survivor so that I can say I’ve seen every season. I’m not sure why I love it so much, but I do.
Shanyn, thank you for the great answers! Seriously, check out her blog. There is so much good stuff there.

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