Banned Books Week!

Yeah, I know. Banned Books Week is practically over, and Gen X slacker blogger here is only just now mentioning it. 

But I’ve been reading the banned books like a boss, people.

For my official Banned Book for Book Bingo, I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, which I liked so much I didn’t even blog about it. 

(Did I mention: Gen X slacker blogger? This is getting quite shameful.)

But really, there’s never a bad time to read a banned book. 

So in the spirit of Banned Book Week, which is about raising awareness, check out the American Library Association website — a good place to find lists of books that have been challenged or banned

Put one of those books on your TBR, and read the thing. You can even go wild and read it not during Banned Books Week. And after reading it, you might just be left wondering, “Challenged… why???” 

It’s quite the experience.