The Book of
Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple,
Brilliant Things
by Neil Pasricha
blogs become books, and sometimes that’s not really necessary. This book’s an
example of that. While I liked it just fine, it was clearly A Blog (1000 Awesome Things).
I like to read blogs online, and I like to read books that are books. Call me
finicky, but that’s how I roll.
that having been said… There are some things here that completely delighted me.
Here they are:
– Fixing
electronics by smacking them. I do this. Sometimes it even works. Other times,
it just satisfies my need to let off steam. But when you think about it as a
concept: funny.

20+ year old Tupperware. This stuff is indeed awesome.

– Really,
really old Tupperware   (green, yellow, orange)

– When someone unjams the photocopier for you. This is true. It is. From the
book: “A jammed photocopier at the office is a terrible scene.” (p.
124 of the eBook) 
This line completely cracked me up, even though the jammed copier
situation usually makes me have a serious inner scowl when it’s actually
happening (which is always at the most inconvenient possible time). Now
thinking “a terrible scene” is going
to make me instead have…

– “The Laugh Echo,” which is: “when you laugh out loud after suddenly
remembering something funny that happened a while ago.”  (p. 340
of the eBook) 
I do this kind of often. Sometimes about things that happened
over a decade ago. Sometimes at wildly inappropriate times. (There are examples I could mention, but some of them truly are just Wrong.) Usually, though,
it’s a darn good thing.
my recommendation is to check out the blog and skip the book. (The
author probably ain’t gonna like that
advice, and I shall be declared Non-Awesome.)

4 thoughts on “Awesome.

  1. The things you listed were so awesome that I was inclined to hurtle myself towards the blog which I guess makes me less than awesome as well. Sometimes you just need it served up directly and forget the olive and swizzle stick.

  2. Those things that you listed are awesome indeed. I will go the compromise route and try to find the book at the library. I've heard of the book before and so it's been on my to-read list a little while.

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