At home with books: refreshing the blog

in the den, with the laptop

When I sat down two weekends ago in our sunny little den, I didn’t expect that when I left the room a couple of hours later, I would have changed the focus of the blog.

That was not at all the plan.

It looked all innocent: coffee in one of my favorite mugs… the laptop and iPhone and a legal pad on the library table. Me, all comfy in leggings and a big sweater and my favorite plaid scarf.

this scarf

The scene was set for cozy, not for transformation.  

I’d been seduced by Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy podcast episode about creating a content calendar cuz I adore structure.

And I was settling in to listen and take notes. (It was extra delighting me that I was being a student here in our schoolhouse.)

And then it happened.  

I listened to the episode, took 7 pages of notes, and created that content calendar.  

And in the process, I realized I’d like to expand the scope of the blog.

So I’m gonna.

Here’s what to expect in the months ahead…

A continuation of…

  • Bookish commentary
  • Posts about self-improvement


  • Notes on home life: the domestic pleasures and blunders
  • Notes on travel: the delights and mishaps
  • Lists of my favorite stuff
  • A focus on living a good life
  • Main menu expansion: Books & Reading, The Good Life, Favorite Stuff

So join me here for talk of books. And living the best possible life. And coffee. And pizza. And the floundering ongoing search for the perfect vintage home decor items*…

So, my fellow bloggers… How have you changed your blog over the years? What changes made you and your readers the happiest?

*current quest: a wooden ladder to lean against the wall**, and the perfect barrel — we’ll know it when we see it

**update from summer 2019: got that ladder!

6 thoughts on “At home with books: refreshing the blog

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  2. I just moved mine over to WordPress from Blogger and am really enjoying the layout a lot more. I’ve got some plans for more expansive posts…as soon as I can get everything together and stop running in circles! (HA! Like that’ll happen!) Looking forward to seeing all the new things you’ll be featuring!

  3. Your blog plans sound interesting to me. I am a librarian and reader too and will follow you on bloglovin. It would be handy if you had a bloglovin button here. I see you live in a school house, that sounds fun.

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